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Leah Williams




20709 Paseo de Vaca

Lago Vista, TX 78645


Certified Adaptive Special Needs Master Trainer

              * Kettlebell Instructor

              *Group Fitness Instructor

              * Kickboxing Instructor

              * Nutritional Coach

              * Life Skills Trainer

              * Virtual Trainer

Bachelor of Science- Health 2005

Certified Texas Educator

EC-12 Special Education

EC-6/4-8 Generalist

Experienced Coach and Athletic Coordinator
6 years of experience
Grades 7- varsity
       * girl's basketball, volleyball, track/field, and soccer

I began thinking about the concept of this business as I watched my son navigate various challenges as he progressed through school. I noticed that physical education and sports opportunities were offered, but were generally not fully inclusive. It always ended up feeling like a gesture at goodwill and not a legitimate offer to actually participate. I noticed that kids who were not innately 'compliant' had even more limitations to participation opportunities. It started to occur to me that the kids with behavioral challenges, the ones most likely to benefit from a regular and intensive fitness program, were frequently left out of the loop because they were difficult to work with. 

It became clear to me that there is a significant need for fitness and athletic opportunities for individuals with cognitive disabilities, severe ADHD/anxiety, Oppositional Disorders, and a myriad of other conditions. Research shows that the life span of individuals with cognitive disabilities is shorter than neurotypical individuals. While there are documented tendencies toward specific health issues related to certain disabilities, I also believe that the shortened life expectancy and some of the anticipated health issues are also related to a lack of physical fitness, and to the severe lack of opportunities and resources for physical fitness and sports geared toward this demographic.

It is my mission to attempt to alter that trajectory of poor physical fitness and health for this population, to teach skills that will support lifelong health and fitness, and to inspire and encourage these individuals to build habits that will improve their overall quality of life. 


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