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The Inspiration

Meet Daniel- the inspiration for the creation of this endeavor. Daniel is a funny, brilliant, and strong young man. He also has Autism and is (allegedly) intellectually disabled. :) A lover of ALL sports, Daniel has a mental understanding of athletics that surpasses most adults. Thus far, his mind/body idiosyncrasies along with a lack of truly inclusive opportunities have prevented him from fully participating in or enjoying the things he loves so dearly.

Exceptional Fitness and Recreation was born from a dream to provide Daniel, and others similar to him, the opportunity to have access to a world of health, wellness, and active social opportunities that are currently extremely limited for this demographic. 

While the school districts and programs such as Special Olympics do an amazing job and provide much needed support in this area, those programs are not designed for lifelong fitness and do not provide enough dedicated time per week to truly improve fitness levels. Our goal at Exceptional Fitness and Recreation is to inspire and build daily fitness and health habits that will increase longevity, quality of life, and the social/emotional well-being of disabled young adults while helping to manage co-morbid health issues, behavioral difficulties, and issues related to decreased mobility. While we offer services to ages as young as 14 (high school age), the target range is the 18 and up age group that are transitioning out of services provided by school districts.

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