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About that logo....

While brainstorming about possible logos and designs, and all the things for a new business, I stumbled upon the one I ended up choosing. I am NOT a quick decision maker, btw. I tend to process and weigh options, list pros and cons, hem and haw, run scenarios, go back and forth on decisions, and finally make a decision more out of exhaustion than anything else, and THEN experience 'buyer's remorse' almost immediately. :) I 'tried on' many looks for this business. The kettlebell. The puzzle piece. And on and on. Then, I saw this one:

This is simple. Basic. Not flashy. At first glance, one would assume this relates to me giving a helping hand up to the people I wish to serve, and helping them to access fitness, sports, etc. Literally assisting in stepping up on a block. Which is awesome, and I am happy with that impression also. However, I love this logo because in my mind- this perfectly illustrates how I regard people with disabilities or limitations. To me, they are the ones on the step giving all the rest of us a helping hand up to elevate ourselves to be better human beings. I have always enjoyed being around those who are not neurotypical, simply because their perspectives on life are so incredibly interesting and refreshing. To a large degree, I think that people labeled with disabilities related to cognitive or social abilities are actually much nicer people than the rest of us. While certainly capable of being manipulative/stubborn/generally recalcitrant like everyone else- what they seem to NOT possess is the desire to be mean and hurtful. So, I generally consider this population of people to be something that the rest of us should aspire to be like, and I believe wholeheartedly that while we can give them a boost up on certain things, they can certainly give us a boost up on many as well. So the "Exceptional FItness" logo was born.

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